Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1,800 Miles

 Before you start to read this post, you should click HERE and listen to the song "Miles" by Christina Perri. This song was stuck in my head for our entire trip, which was surprisingly fitting!

Last week Steve and I undertook the 1,800-mile drive from Lindon, UT to Mentor, OH.  Steve has an internship with a mortgage broker company this summer, and we're lucky enough to spend the summer with his parents in Mentor!  We're really excited to spend more time with them!  The road trip took us 2.5 days, and we were pretty sore by the time we arrived!  Here are the pictures I took of our trip:

Not too happy about packing
Windmills in Utah



Weird street lights in Lincoln, NE

Gloomy weather in Iowa & Illinois

Going crazy from all this driving!

Amish in Michigan

Cleveland, OH

"Dead Man's Curve" - Ohio

Raining again in Ohio

Welcome Home!!
We had a lot of fun on our road trip, but we're excited not to make the journey again until August.  I can't wait to explore Mentor and spend time with the Harris side of the family!  For all of our friends and family back in Utah, we'll miss you!!

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  1. I love the pictures. Crazy street lights. Won't come back from deadman's curve! Do you know that song? It almost makes up for the lack of a Gary Indiana :) I'm on my iPod so I can't listen to the song but did wc sing 900 miles? That's what I hear. Miles and miles and miles and miles. Miles and miles from home ... I'm so happy you started a blog! I wish you left a week later and were still her. Looking forward to august!