Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chicago (Part One)

Last weekend Steve and I met up with our friends Tyler and Rachel for a day in Chicago, and we had a blast!  We took so many pictures that I've decided to split the day into a couple of different posts, so check back for more later.

The beginning of our day was spent doing a tour at the World of Whirlpool.  As a side note, Tyler and Rachel are interning at Whirlpool this summer and the company scheduled a day for the interns to visit Chicago.  There were a few extra spots on the tour, so Steve and I were able to RSVP!  The World of Whirlpool is such a cool experience.  It's basically a building that has lots of working Whirlpool appliances set up in real kitchens. My favorite part was having the chance to walk around and interact with all of the appliances!  The picture below shows one of the several kitchens.


Whirlpool uses these kitchens for training.  According to our guide, "We realize that people learn best by interacting with the product.  This also helps because the employee can then personally recommend a product." It was so funny to walk through the kitchens and find food in the fridges and cupboards.  Steve and I definitely found some awesome appliances for a dream house someday!

As much as I loved wandering through the kitchens, my favorite part of the tour came at the very end.  Part of the building is an old clock tower, and we got to go inside!  Not only was the clock tower cool, but we also had an amazing view of the city. 

Here's the building from the outside
One of the four walls in the clock tower. It was huge!
This is my attempt at capturing more than one wall in the picture.
I fell in love with the city of Chicago! I loved the tall buildings, the river, the people, the sounds and smells, and especially the food :)  I feel like I could spend a week exploring Chicago and still not see everything.

The view from the clock tower

We love Chicago!!
Like I said earlier, this was only the beginning of our adventure in Chicago.  Check back for posts on the cool buildings we saw and the special food experience we had!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Greek Festival

One weekend we had the chance to go to a Greek Festival, which was put on by a church group in the area.  Our amazing landlord Fred and his wife Kathy met up with us at the festival, and they recommended some really tasty food: gyros and honey puffs!  I have to admit that the honey puffs were my favorite, but who could blame me?  For those of you who don't know what honey puffs are, they're basically bite-size scones with honey and cinnamon poured on top -- a.k.a DELICIOUS!!

Look how much meat they prepared. It was insane!
Gyros! (Scott, Amber, Steve)
I love honey puffs!
So does Steve :)
The meat preparation from the other end. Did I mention there was a ton of meat?
I would definitely recommend trying some Greek food in the future if you get the chance!  I can't wait to see what other kinds of adventures are waiting for us in Milwaukee.