Saturday, May 26, 2012

Steve's Birthday

Last week we celebrated Steve's 23rd birthday. Because Steve's parents were in Utah, Andrew decided to come from Indianapolis to help us celebrate!

Saturday we kept ourselves pretty busy:

1. Sleep in because we all stayed up late watching a movie the night before,
2. Go see Battleship, the new movie based on a board game...
3. Drive to Cleveland to eat at a Mongolian Grill (yummy),
4. Drive back to Mentor,
5. Hike to the lighthouse on Lake Erie, watch the sun set, and skip rocks as we hiked back to the car,
5. Steve got to open one of his presents early: an inflatable kayak!

Sunday was also fun:

1. Go to church in the morning,
2. While Steve and Andrew first attempt grilling, Heidi makes her first official birthday cake.,
3. Eat the birthday meal: steak, hotdogs, chips, and cream soda,
4.  Steve opened his other present: Batman Arkham City (video game)
5. Sing the birthday song to Steve and then watch him blow out all of his candles!

It was a really fun weekend, and we were sad to see Andrew leave! Here are some of the pictures we took:

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  1. Now you've made me want cake. Looks yummy! I think hiking to the lighthouse would be my favorite part. So cool!