Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chalk Art Festival

We had the chance to go to the Chalk Art Festival last weekend, and it was amazing! The festival has been going on for six years now.  This year there were 65 amateur and professional artists that created chalk drawings.  I am so happy we happened to be here on the right weekend so that we could go to the festival!  It was really interesting to watch the artists work from a small photo to create a much larger drawing using only chalk.

Steve and Scott look excited, right?
Another fun aspect of the chalk festival is the voting.  The public votes for drawings with the best use of color, the best animal, most likely to be hung in a museum, and best overall.  The funniest thing I saw at the festival was a drawing of two giant pieces of bacon with the caption "Best Animal?"

"Best Animal?" Haha
Here are some pictures of my other favorite drawings, along with the drawings that were voted best in each category!

Monsters Inc.
For the Birds
People's Choice 1st Place & Most Likely to be Hung in a Museum
People's Choice 2nd Place & Best in Show
Iron Man (People's Choice 3rd Place)
Best Use of Color
Best Animal
These pictures barely do justice to the chalk festival and the drawings themselves. Most of the drawings were large, but some of them were huge! And the details of the drawings were amazing.  As we walked around, we could see most of the artists were covered from head to toe in chalk -- not surprising at all, considering they'd been drawing for about 7 hours at that point.

The festival was another amazing experience that we've had this summer, and I am so happy we could go.  I've officially added "participate as an artist in the chalk art festival" to my bucket list, although I'm going to have to improve my skills in order to be up to the task :)

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  1. Those are awesome! I want to see that! I can't wait to show Tyler the for the birds one tomorrow morning. He loves them!